We are a professional supplier and exporter on the line of fluoroplastics and special rubber products in China. We can help you supply all kinds of silicone rubber and PTFE plastic products with high quality, professional services under reasonable & competitive price. We are designing, producing and exporting various types of silicone rubber products, polyfluortetraethylene (PTFE, Teflon) products, rubber sheets, FKM products etc. as well as other nonstandard specifications.Several kinds of special products which can fill up domestic vacancy. Such as: PTFE fabric, PTFE belt,PTFE fiberglass mesh conveyor belt , PTFE adhersive fiberglass fabric,silicone fabric, and double deck compound belt.Our silicone rubber factory is the leader and pioneer at silicone rubber industry in China.Our products have successfully entered into the domestic and national market. We are sticking and developing advanced technologies and goods in order to meet the gradually aroused new demands and markets from industries of chemical engineering, mechanical, electronics, automobile, construction, pharmaceutical etc.   We will try our best to cooperate with the customers in home and abroad and develop together. Welcome your inquiry and cooperation!